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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BDO USA LLP?

BDO USA, LLP is the United States Member Firm of BDO International, a global accounting network. The company is headquartered in Chicago. The firm adopted its current moniker in 1973, each letter corresponding to a surname of an original founder of the corporation: Binder, Dijker, and Otte.

How many locations does BDO have?

Explore our locations across the country and get in touch with a local professional. BDO’s global network extends across 164 countries and territories, with 95,000+ people working out of 1,728 offices – and they’re all working towards one goal: to provide our clients with exceptional service. Smart. Secure.

Is BDO Seidman still in the furniture industry?

Today, BDO Seidman's furniture industry practice remains in the industry. In 1925, the firm rapidly expanded, opening offices in Jamestown, Illinois, and Rockford, Illinois, followed by Chicago in 1921, and Gardner, Massachusetts, in 1924. In 1922, J. S. Seidman joined the firm as a founding member.

What is BDO's role in the National Mortgage Settlement?

BDO will join the Monitor and his team for a period of three and a half years as they oversee implementation of the historic National Mortgage Settlement involving 49 states, the United States government and five of the nation's largest banks.

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