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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Caldor fire?

It has been seven months since the Caldor Fire ignited in southern El Dorado County. The Jericho Report has uncovered hundreds of details and published nearly 50 reports on the cause of the fire, the emergency response, and the key players who fought the fire in those early days last August.

How big is the Caldor wildfire?

The Caldor wildfire in California has grown to over 100,000 acres in just over a week with the Dixie fire now the second-largest in state history. Inflation Relief Checks live updates: 2023 COLA, student loan forgiveness relief, real estate housing market, unemployment... How can I get my student loan completely forgiven?

How did the Caldor fire affect Strawberry?

The Caldor Fire reached the mountain community of Strawberry, but crews were able to protect structures. At this point, the fire had burned 152,545 acres and containment was up to 19%, a Cal Fire incident report said. It had also destroyed up to 471 homes. | Video Below | Crews work to protect Strawberry from Caldor Fire

What was the cause of the Omo Ranch Fire?

The answer is nothing yet, actually. The cause of the fire remains under investigation, according to Cal Fire. The fire started the evening of Aug. 14 in El Dorado County east of Omo Ranch and south of Grizzly Flats, and it has caused the evacuation of thousands in multiple counties.

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