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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a horse to ‘go in the wind’?

Roaring, epiglottic entrapment and arytenoid chondritis are three of the most common upper respiratory tract problems that can cause a horse to be ‘gone in the wind’.

What causes an abortion in a horse?

The most common noninfectious cause of abortion in horses is twinning. Most abortions related to twinning occur at 8–9 mo of gestation and may be preceded by premature lactation. Placental insufficiency ultimately causes abortion of twins.

Why does my horse have an inflamed arytenoid mucosa?

The bruised, inflamed arytenoid mucosa then becomes mildly infected with the horse’s own natural upper respiratory tract bacteria and this infection prevents healing and encourages more inflammation. Diagnosis is made with upper airway endoscopy.

What is an impaction in horses gut?

Impactions occur when feed material builds up in a part of the gut (usually the colon) and the horse can’t easily remove it. Pain occurs as the gut wall stretches and strongly contracts trying to push the feed through the colon. Because of the folds and turns of the colon, there are several narrow sites prone to impactions.

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