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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to causebox?

CAUSEBOX has rebranded as Alltrue. The quarterly subscription box features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world has changed its name “ because we needed a name that better represented our mission: to build a community that brings truth, kindness, and goodness to everything we do,” their website explained.

Is causebox changing its name?

CAUSEBOX is about to change its name and we have all the details! CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc.

What is a causebox subscription review?

This Causebox subscription review will give an overview of the service, its featured products, customer feedback, and more to help potential subscribers make an informed decision. What is Causebox?

What is causebox’s return policy?

Causebox does not accept any returns or exchanges for their boxes. If you do happen to receive a product that is damaged, or your box is missing a product altogether, Causebox will replace the item for free. Simply contact their customer service team by email within two weeks of your box being delivered.

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