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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes dizziness and Vertigo in inner ear?

Inner Ear Problems: Causes of Dizziness (Vertigo) Benign positional vertigo (BPV) This is the most common cause of vertigo. BPV is also called benign positional paroxysmal vertigo (BPPV). It happens when crystals in the ear canals shift into the wrong place.

Why do I feel dizzy all the time?

Dizziness has many possible causes, including inner ear disturbance, motion sickness and medication effects. Sometimes it's caused by an underlying health condition, such as poor circulation, infection or injury. The way dizziness makes you feel and your triggers provide clues for possible causes.

Can dizziness be caused by respiratory problems?

Individuals who have various forms of respiratory disease or are in respiratory failure can suffer from dizziness due to the lack of appropriate oxygen distribution throughout the body. However in some cases it can simply be related to hyperventilation which in turn is commonly related to certain psychological disorders.

What causes dizziness and disorientation in the neck?

Cervicogenic dizziness: A clinical syndrome of disequilibrium and disorientation in patients with neck problems that include cervical trauma, cervical arthritis, and others. Cholesteatoma: A skin growth that occurs in the middle ear behind the eardrum.

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