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Frequently Asked Questions

How powerful is Xicor in Dragon Ball?

Being half-Kai and half Saiyan and being son of Goku, Xicor is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. When Xicor makes his first appearance in Dragon Ball AF, he was shown to effortlessly destroy half of the Earth and defeat Goten with only a Ki Blast.

Is Xicor's Dragon Ball AF canon?

This is about my story of Dragon Ball AF, it has Xicor, Goku (Adult), Goten, and basicly all the main chararacters from Dragon Ball Z. DBGT is not canon. Xicor got in his spaceship, and looked at his Mom one last time, "I love you, I will find Dad, I will remember him... Goku ." Xicor pressed the button and the door flew down, and he waited.

Does Xicor fight rigor in Dragon Ball New Age?

Rigor, the Central Antagonist of Dragon ball New Age, is shown fighting Xicor in one of Malik's deviations in Deviantart. Though it is just artwork, Malik had displayed Xicor and Rigor in an intense battle, with both of them wearing each other out. XIcor is shown giving Rigor a hard time, with Rigor doing the same.

Is Xicor a ssj5?

Trivia 1 Xicor is said to resemble a SSJ5 in a few ways. ... 2 Xicor is one of the few villains in the Dragon Ball Universe who do not have the desire to collect and use the Dragon Balls. 3 Though having characteristics of a SSJ4 and a SSJ5, there is no evidence of him being one. ... More items...

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