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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do kids go to school in Denmark?

Education in Denmark starts early. Most children at the age of 6 months start attending their first form of child care and an introduction into the Danish education system. No formal teaching is allowed until the age of 6 years, but the Danes believe strongly that being around other children and integrating is important.

What time does school start in Denmark?

A typical school day in Denmark will start at 08:00 and finish at about 15:00, though the first three year groups usually end their day at noon. There is normally a 30 minute break where the pupils can eat their packed lunches. The school year runs from August to June.

How many schools are in Denmark?

Denmark has more than 24 international schools, which are primarily attended by children with foreign parents, who live in Denmark for a shorter period of time. The municipalities are responsible for the primary and lower secondary education.

What is the school system in Denmark?

The Danish education system. Pre-school, which is optional, is followed by nine years of compulsory education in primary and lower secondary school. There is an optional tenth form. The upper secondary education system includes a range of opportunities. Academic programmes allow students to apply for entry to higher education.

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