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Frequently Asked Questions

What is indirect direct?

Medical Definition of indirect. 1 : not direct: as. a : not resulting directly from an action or cause (as a disease) indirect effects of malaria. b : involving intermediate or intervening parts or pathways stimulation of one eye elicits narrowing of the pupil of the other eye by an indirect reaction indirect attachment of a muscle through tendons.

What are direct products?

Direct product. In mathematics, one can often define a direct product of objects already known, giving a new one. This generalizes the Cartesian product of the underlying sets, together with a suitably defined structure on the product set. More abstractly, one talks about the product in category theory, which formalizes these notions.

What is direct phone number?

Phone Number of Dial Direct Contact is +44(844)-412-2133/+44(844)-412-2134/0860 911 911 . Dial Direct is a provider of financial services in the United Kingdom. The primary business of the company is to provide products and services in the insurance business.

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