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Frequently Asked Questions

What is edunav's technology?

EduNav’s platform integrates data from multiple systems with input from students, faculty, advisors and administration. Our deep technologies generate Intelligence and Analytics across a spectrum of decisions core to higher education operational and student success.

Can students still access edunav if they opt out?

No, students can still access EduNav. They will still have access to both the schedule and planning mode. The planning mode allows students to view their official Student Educational Plan if a counselor created one. What are reasons to opt out?

Why choose ededunav?

EduNav is experiencing significant growth and continuing to build our team. We have developed a results-based culture and have a loyal team, many of who worked together at previous companies. Every member of our team is dedicated to our clients’ success.

Why ededunova learning centres?

Edunova has deep experience in the design, development, implementation and management of Learning Centres. Our team is able to meet with you to design a ‘fit for purpose’ Learning Centre and will assist with developing a cost model attached to the design of your choice.

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