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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Evalue based?

EValue is a technology company based in the United Kingdom providing digital, personal finance advice with products that combine actuarial knowledge, asset modelling and risk management. The company maintains its head office in Benyon House, Newbury Business Park, Berkshire, with a smaller office in London.

What is the Evalue system?

The eValue system is used for scheduling and evaluation of students’ clinical clerkship’s. In eValue, students can find their immunizations & certifications, check the availability of clerkship’s, view their full clinical clerkship schedule, and view their clinical clerkship grades.

What is Evalue by medhub?

eValue by MedHub streamlines program administration. A solution designed to simplify health science and nursing program administration. Streamline curriculum delivery, coursework, scheduling, assessments, site management and more with eValue by MedHub.

Who is the CEO of Evalue?

In October of 2020, former FE Director of Sales and Business Development, Gary Wheeler joined EValue as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). In May 2017, EValue appointed Paul McNamara as chief executive, replacing Mark Cappell.

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