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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Project Zomboid not downloading?

One of the issues that you might experience when trying to get Project Zomboid is when the game fails to download or install. There are various factors that you need to check that might be causing this problem ranging from a bad internet connection to a server issue on Steam. Here’s what you need to do to fix this problem.

How do I get Project Zomboid on Steam?

Here's how to do it. The first thing to do is head over to Steam to download the software for the dedicated server. You’ll have to filter for Tools instead of Games, and search for the Project Zomboid Dedicated Server to install it. As long as you own Project Zomboid, you have it automatically.

What does failed to download map from server mean?

: projectzomboid "Failed to download map from Server." Please help, I can't connect to my favorite server after relogging due to lag, it keeps telling me that it failed to download the map from the server. That error usually means that the map takes too long to download and it times you out because of it. Meaning its a standard connection error.

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