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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened in Gainesville Florida?

Gainesville police are investigating a homicide at an apartment complex early Tuesday morning. Deputies in Hall County arrested a man accused of exposing himself to a store clerk in Gainesville. A 19-year-old Gainesville man was arrested on Wednesday on multiple felonies that investigators uncovered after a shooting.

What happened to the man who went missing in Gainesville?

A man who went missing in Gainesville months ago has been charged with first-degree murder in Tacoma, Washington, according to authorities.

When is the final reading of the Gainesville City Council Ordinance?

A final reading and vote on the ordinance will take place December 16. Carroll Daniel Construction is a family business with a long-time history in Gainesville – over seven decades of history, in fact. The company held its 75th Anniversary Celebration Thursday night at the College Football Hall of Fame.

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