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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Power Company in Gainesville Florida?

Making Gainesville A Better Place To Live, Work and Play. Gainesville Regional Utilities, known as GRU, is a multi-service utility owned by the City of Gainesville. We are the 5th largest municipal electric utility in Florida. Our combined services make us the most comprehensive utility service provider in the state.

How many customers does we serve in Gainesville?

We serve approximately 93,000 retail and wholesale customers in Gainesville and surrounding areas, offering:

Is Gainesville's power reliable and safe?

The Gainesville City Commission unanimously approved the agreement in July. GRU has earned the American Public Power Association’s Diamond-level RP¬3 designation for providing safe and reliable electric service. Diamond is the APPA’s highest level of recognition.

Why choose GRU for your utility?

GRU is dedicated to providing safe, reliable, competitively priced utility services to our community. Check out how our residential electric rates compare to other local utilities.

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