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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the grantsolutions help desk?

Please email the GrantSolutions Help desk and provide them with the following: your name, email address, Grant Number you would like access to, the GrantSolutions role you need, and where you work. Your email MUST include a concurrence from the grant’s AO or PI, or the email can come from one of them on your behalf.

How do I submit my grant application?

Your grant number is 90EE followed by a four-digit number. The Authorizing Official at your organization much sign each of the forms as the Requestor, through your organization in order to submit, and make sure you complete all sections of the form (all nine pages).

What is grantsolutions?

GrantSolutions improves transparency for recipient grants management activities by allowing you to see time and date stamps for system activities, and the status of your completed actions online. It also serves as a virtual file cabinet of award documents and correspondence associated with each grant and cooperative agreement.

How do I access my CED Grant(s) in grantsolutions?

It facilitates the electronic sharing of information by allowing grantees to collaborate with program offices and grant offices. You will access your CED grant (s) in GrantSolutions at

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