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Frequently Asked Questions

Does heat rise or sink in colder air?

So, heat doesn't rise; hot air floats in colder air, and cold air sinks in warmer air, and there are many other forces at play.

What is the significance of hot air rising and cold air sinking?

Significance. This system of hot air rising and cold air sinking is what drives earth’s energy, according to History for Kids. These air currents also create storms, including hurricanes and tornadoes. Hot air rising and colliding with cold air is what creates thunderstorms. Strong updrafts of warm air create cumulus clouds,...

What is sinking the heat?

So moving the heat flow more effectively to the air by conduction and radiation and forces air movement and is called sinking the heat. , Worked in or enjoy the following: music, trains, discgolf, reading, writing. Which will stay hotter longer and why, adding hot water to cold water or adding cold water to hot water? What is the scientific reason?

Why does water sink when it hits cold air?

If that happens it's density drops and hot air can float on cold air or hot water can float on cold water . In these cases the hit has risen and pushed itself on top of the cold Which therefore has sunk.

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