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Frequently Asked Questions

What isfleet charge®?

Fleet Charge® is Fleet Buying Power. Recognized, Respected and Accepted. Whether you own one power unit or are managing an entire fleet, Fleet Charge is designed to provide truck and bus fleets with a consistent customer experience across the International Truck ® and IC Bus ® dealer network.

Why choose fleet charge?

From sole proprietorships and local school districts, to lease fleets and mega fleets, Fleet Charge has designed a network of programs to fit your parts and service support needs. Find the best program for your fleet... How many power units in your fleet?

Why choose International Truck?

Instant customer recognition at 650+ International Truck and IC Bus dealerships. Guaranteed pricing on all parts supplied by International Truck to support your all-makes fleet. Consolidated billing, consistent terms. Centralized support and powerful online account management tools.

What is the right way to manage your fleet?

It's a strategic investment that should be managed as a continuous lifecycle of Buy, Drive, Service, and Sell. With the right tools and practices, you can elevate your fleet's performance in every category: from capital forecasting and remarketing, to maintenance and driver safety. Other fleets like yours have thought differently about fleet.

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