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Frequently Asked Questions

How to prep your phone for international travel?

How to Prep Your Phone for International Travel. First things first: Before you set foot on international soil, call your cell phone carrier and find out exactly what your plan charges for international travel. Trust us, it pays to be wary. Cell phone companies have no issue gouging customers with extreme international roaming fees that result ...

Does Verizon offer international plans?

Verizon offers several International Plan options to meet our customer's traveling needs and they can be viewed on our website at We understand how important it is to keep costs down, especially when using a phone, while traveling abroad.

Does Verizon have international service?

With international phone plans from Verizon, you can call friends and family whether they be in India, Mexico, Canada, or virtually any other country on the map. Use our international calling rate calculator and find country calling codes today.

How much is an international plan for Verizon?

You can choose to have the allowance expire after 1 month or have the plan renew every month until you remove it from your account. $20 International Monthly Plan: This plan for international cruise ship and airplane travel gives you 50 MB of data for use while on board select ships and airplanes.

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