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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Fleet Services international dealers for your business?

The reason businesses choose to use Fleet Services International Dealers is because today they’re under an edict to reduce costs and increase profitability. How do you qualify? If you are a U.S citizen who matches all three of the following eligibility criteria, you may qualify 100% financing. Contact us today to speak with our SBA Consultant.

Where can I find International trucks dealerships?

International® dealerships can be located using the tool at We apologize for the inconvenience. IDSC Holdings LLC is the owner of the trademark NEXIQ Technologies registered in the United States and other countries, and also claims rights associated with its unregistered trademarks.

What is Navistar all about?

And it can be figurative, as in everything we do – all of our work – is devoted to making a meaningful difference for someone inside or outside of our company. Navistar stands united with people of all races, cultures, identities, sexual orientations, ages, religions, abilities, languages, experiences and expressions.

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