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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get rid of an itchy no poo scalp?

You can reapply the vinegar rinse to just your ends if you feel they need it. Failure to rinse out all the baking soda is probably the #2 reason for itchy no poo scalp (not getting that slippery feeling is #1). Just make sure you have achieved “slippery” before you rinse and (say it with me folks) rinse well.

Why does my scalp itch after washing my hair?

The itch on the scalp is its reaction to the no poo method of hair wash. The scalp takes time to adjust to the newfound ways of cleaning. On a more common term. It is the no poo transition time that follows the no poo method of hair wash. Moreover, the skin on the head turns dry due to the cleaning.

How do you get rid of a flaky scalp without pooping?

Help for No Poo Dry, Flaky, Itchy Scalp Between your baking soda / vinegar washings teat your scalp to this Aloe Honey “shampoo” treatment. Make sure you are getting that “slippery” feeling before rinsing the baking soda out of your hair. Do a scalp rinse with your vinegar solution to condition your scalp

What happens if you use the wrong no poo shampoo?

When you go on to experiment with various no poo shampoo methods without knowing their pH levels. Then, you run into a risk of getting an irritated scalp. An itch on the scalp comes within days of a wrong no poo shampoo method. This itch might make you chuck the no poo method.

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