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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kirby a good vacuum cleaner?

The Kirby vacuums feature powerful suction and it is a home cleaning system that takes the place of several machines. Complaints in the Kirby Vacuum Scam don’t stem from the actual operation of the vacuum–in fact, it is a great machine.

What is Kirby's real name?

In 1917, Kirby was born under the name "Jacob Kurtzberg" on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York City. He was a son of garment factory worker Benjamin Kurtzberg and his wife Rose Bernstein. Both his parents were Austrian-Jewish immigrants. He developed an interest in drawing at an early age.

What does Kirby do?

In the anime, Kirby is known for spouting the babble-word "poyo" repeatedly in place of speech which, unlike the games, is what other characters hear instead of actual speech. He also occasionally repeats words that he hears other characters say, which is more apparent in the Japanese version.

Does Kirby have feet?

Kirby's species appear to be completely (or almost completely) spherical in shape, with short "arms" that can double as hands. They stand on two feet, which are rather large in proportion to the rest of their bodies, similar to most creatures in the Kirby games and anime.

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