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Frequently Asked Questions

What factors affect KSP?

Factors that Affect Solubility The solubility product constant, Ksp, varies with temperature, therefore, temperature will influence the solubility of a compound. However, the presence of other solutes (i.e. other dissolved ions or compounds) can also influence the solubility - although they do not alter Ksp

What does KSP mean chemistry?

Answer: The "sp" means "solubility product". Ksp, the solubility product constant, is the equilibrium constant for dissolution and dissociation of an ionic compound.

How does temperature affect KSP?

How does temperature affect KSP? The effect of temperature on solubility can be explained on the basis of Le Chatelier’s Principle. Therefore, the solubility (concentration) increases with an increase in temperature. If the process is exothermic (heat given off).

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