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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of learn?

The definition of learn is to acquire knowledge or new information. An example of learn is when you go to school and are taught about history, acquiring knowledge in it. An example of learn is when you find out someone's name.

When to use learnt?

‘Learned’ is mostly used as an adjective, and ‘learnt’ as a verb. 2) ‘Learned’ is a bit difficult and old compared to its new cousin ‘learnt’. 3) They are very similar, thus when in doubt use the thumb rule to use ‘learned’ for things near in time, and ‘learnt’ for things further in time.

What is the verb for learn?

Learn is one of the few verbs in English that have two acceptable forms for the past simple and as a participle. Learnt or learned is acceptable in both American and British English, but learned is more common in American English.

What is a synonym for learned?

Synonyms for Learned: adj. •academic (adjective) literary, erudite, scholastic, scholarly, pedantic, academic, bookish, theoretical, collegiate, professorial. •authoritative (adjective) •conversant (adjective) well-informed, percipient, hep. •educational (adjective) cultural, pedagogic.

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