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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the warning signs of Lyme disease?

What are the warning signs of Lyme disease? A bull’s-eye-shaped rash around the tick bite is the telltale sign of Lyme disease. However, the infection also causes flu-like symptoms, including: Muscle aches and stiffness; Joint pain; Headaches; Fatigue Fever and chills; Swollen lymph nodes

Is it important to diagnose Lyme disease early?

“Early diagnosis of Lyme disease is absolutely vital in reducing suffering, because early Lyme can be treated, but late Lyme is very difficult to treat,” explained Dr Jinyu Shan of the University of Leicester, lead author on the study. “Current tests cannot typically detect the low numbers of bacteria in early-stage patient blood samples.

How quickly do Lyme disease symptoms appear?

• How quickly does Lyme disease show symptoms? Visible symptoms could appear as soon as 3 days after the bite or as late as 30 days after exposure, other symptoms appear within the same timeframe.

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