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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Mayo Clinic great?

The second core value of the Mayo Clinic is “team-based or collaborative medicine.”. The principle way that the Mayo Clinic puts the needs of the patient first is with a team-based approach to helping the patient. It’s a collaborative care model, and it’s the key competitive advantage of Mayo Clinic.

Is Mayo Clinic low carb diet?

The phony "Mayo Clinic" diet is a low-carb, high-fat plan that attributes miraculous fat-burning powers to grapefruit. Dieters go on the plan for 12 days, then off for two days, and continue this...

How credible is Mayo Clinic?

“The general consensus at Mayo Clinic regarding the New York Times article from the weekend is that we’re pleased to be recognized for our quality and integrity, and as a credible source for health information online,” Mayo spokeswoman Ginger Polumbo said Monday.

Is Diet Coke bad for you Mayo Clinic?

Mayo Clinic Minute: Why drinking diet soda isn’t the best way to manage weight. June 5, 2018. Few words carry as much weight as the word "diet." But, when it comes to drinks, cutting calories with diet soda may not cut the pounds you think it does. Dr. Donald Hensrud, who heads up the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program and is the author of the Mayo Clinic Diet Book, says drinking diet soda is not as effective at helping people manage their weight as many people think.

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