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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Milwaukee Brewers in first place?

The first-place Milwaukee Brewers only have one All-Star. He’s been great this year and deserves the nod. But seeing as the Brewers are sitting in first place in the NL Central, 3 1/2 games in front of the defending champion Cubs, it seems a borderline travesty that Knebel should be their only All-Star.

Where is Milwaukee Brewers Stadium?

and Address is 201 South 46th Street Milwaukee, WI 53208, USA. Brewers Stadium, Milwaukee is located in Wisconsin. Brewers stadium Milwaukee is owned by Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball team. Brewers Stadium Milwaukee was opened on March, 30, 2001 which replaced Milwaukee County Stadium.

What are the names of the Milwaukee Brewers?

The Milwaukee Brewers are a Major League Baseball team in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They play in the Central Division of the National League. The team first played in Seattle, Washington for one season (1969). They were called the "Seattle Pilots". In 1970 they moved to Milwaukee and were renamed the Milwaukee Brewers.

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