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Frequently Asked Questions

How many apartments are for rent in Milwaukee WI?

We found 2319 Apartments for rent in Milwaukee, WI. provides you with the most comprehensive list of rentals so you can find your perfect home. Preview floor plans, view amenities, and compare rentals to find your perfect place.

How much does it cost to live in Milwaukee WI?

With a low cost of living and a wide range of affordable apartments, condos, and houses for rent, living in Milwaukee is within reach for any anyone. As of April 2021, the average apartment rent in Milwaukee, WI is $965 for a studio, $1,061 for one bedroom, $1,612 for two bedrooms, and $1,996 for three bedrooms.

What kind of houses are in Milwaukee Wisconsin?

In Milwaukee, around 45% of dwellings are single detached homes, while the rest are mainly large apartment buildings, small apartment buildings, and duplexes. This city experienced its biggest construction boom prior to the 1960s, so most of the available properties are from this era.

Where are the best places to live in Milwaukee?

Milwaukee apartments are very diverse depending on what you're looking for. Students looking for apartments should consider looking into Avenues West and University Hill neighborhoods, which are close to the Marquette campus on the west side of the city.

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