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Frequently Asked Questions

Which California governor was recalled?

Gray Davis, the 37th governor of California, was the second governor in American history to be recalled by voters. The shortest tenure was that of Milton Latham, who served only five days before being elected by the legislature to fill a vacant United States Senate seat.

Can Texas governor be recalled?

No, the State of Texas does not allow voters to recall their Governor. Within the United States, only eighteen states and the District of Columbia allow for the recall of state officials. Most of these states do not require specific grounds for recall, and the recall is performed through election.

How does political recall work?

A political recall is the process by which a public official is removed from office before his or her term is over. The recall process is designed to provide a check on the sovereign power of elected officials.

What is a recall petition?

Recall an Elected Official. A petition for recall is limited to the request that an election be called and held in the voting area for the purpose of recalling a public officer.

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