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Frequently Asked Questions

What is xh and how does it work?

xh is a friendly and fast tool for sending HTTP requests. It reimplements as much as possible of HTTPie's excellent design, with a focus on improved performance.

What is xh in httpie?

Run xh help for more detailed information. xh uses HTTPie's request-item syntax to set headers, request body, query string, etc. = / := for setting the request body's JSON or form fields ( = for strings and := for other JSON types). == for adding query strings.

What does the Sony X-H1 have to offer?

Despite being based around the same sensor and processor, the X-H1 promises significantly improved video performance, with the range of shooting options extended to include DCI as well as UHD 4K shooting, bitrates up to 200 Mbps and the ability to record F-Log footage internally.

What is the X-H1's dynamic range priority mode?

The X-H1 takes this further with a 'Dynamic Range Priority' mode. This uses the existing DR modes in combination with the camera's ability to adjust the Highlight and Shadow aspects of its tone curves. There are four settings: Weak, Strong, Auto and Off.

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