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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Nord stand for?

Washington, DC, August 29, 2019–The National Organization for Rare DisordersⓇ (NORD) has announced a day devoted to raising awareness about rare cancers.

Why choose Nord?

With production facilities in the Midwest and on both coasts, NORD is prepared to serve you with some of the shortest lead times in the industry. We house extensive component inventory, allowing us to assemble and ship 25% of all orders same or next day!

What is the Nord Assistance Program?

This first-of-its-kind assistance program is designed for caregivers of a child or adult diagnosed with a rare disorder. NORD understands that caring for a loved one is a generous gift that demands significant amounts of time, attention, patience and dedication.

What is the MedicAlert Nord program?

Additionally, when someone purchases a new MedicAlert membership using the tracking code: NORD, MedicAlert will donate 20% of the membership fees to NORD to further our mission of providing care and resources for those living with rare disorders. We look forward to helping eligible rare patients participate in this supportive program.

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