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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my Walmart paystub?

Another way to get your Walmart Paystubs is to access it using the Walmart One app. The Walmart One App is a mobile application for existing and future Walmart associates. The official name of the WalmartOne app is [email protected] The Walmart One app offers you direct access to your pay stubs.

How do I get my Walmart pay stub?

You can get your pay stub by simply visiting the OneWalmart website at As a former employee of Walmart, you are well aware that your information in the company database is deleted after a specific amount of time. It now depends on how soon after leaving your employer you require a paystub.

How often do I get my Walmart pay stub?

Generally speaking, you should receive your paystub through the mail within ten days of getting paid. If this doesn’t happen, you can view your paystubs via the WalmartOne site or app.

What information is included in my Walmart pay stub?

Walmart Paystubs gives its employees complete information about their pay, which includes the complete breakup of the salary, deductions, and all the other information related to finance.

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