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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a PTO?

Here are some steps that will guide you in starting your new nonprofit PTO: Make a plan. Select a name. Recruit an initial board of directors. Draft and file documents to become a state nonprofit corporation (or other appropriate state entity). Prepare internal governance (bylaws) and hold an initial meeting.

What is PTO used for?

PTO can be used when an employee is ill or needs to take a day off to handle a personal issue. It can also be used to take a vacation of several days or just have a day off.

What does PTO means?

By definition, the term PTO refers to "paid time off" given by a specific company. Although the term can mean all types of paid time off, including vacation days, sick days and other time-off periods such as paid parental leave or bereavement leave after the death of a loved one, people often use PTO to mean,...

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