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Frequently Asked Questions

Why online education is the best option for students?

Online education has helped many educational organizations to cut down on the cost, as there is no need of physical buildings. Ivey University is one of the prestigious universities and has a big community of students, faculty members, and alumni, local and global groups.

Do online courses affect students'academic performance?

A case study was performed in which students were asked to attend two online courses, with different difficulty levels, during one semester. One-way analysis of variance was used to determine which factors are significant for the academic performance of students taking online courses, as well as for their overall academic success.

Will online education replace traditional classroom institutions?

Online education case study shows us, that the use of technology in education is been increasing day by day in the world. In this particular case, Erica Wagner, dean of Ivey University is concerned about the future of the traditional classroom institutions, as she believes that the online education might replace the standard campus universities.

Do students study differently in online and face-to-face learning?

In online learning, students had moderate study habits, while in face-to-face learning they had good study habits. The dominant learning styles were kinesthetic and there were low associations between learning styles and study habits.

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