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Frequently Asked Questions

What is onomatopoeia and how does it work?

Onomatopoeia is the process of creating a word that mimics a sound and using it to describe that sound. (The word “onomatopoeia” is also used to describe the words themselves, rather than just the process.)

What is the onomatopoeia in the poem to the moaning and the groaning?

To the moaning and the groaning of the bells. In this poem Cummings uses a mix of conventional onomatopoeia (the real words “tinking” and “slush”) and onomatopoeia with made-up words (“glush,” “ploc,” and “piddle-of-drops”) to convey the raucous sonic atmosphere of drinks being poured and people getting sloshed at one of Manhattan’s oldest bars.

What are the three types of onomatopoeic language in Ulysses?

The opening lines of the “Sirens” chapter of Ulysses contain three different types of onomatopoeic language: conventional onomatopoeia with real words that sound like the things they refer to or describe, non-onomatopoeic words used to create an onomatopoeic effect, and onomatopoeia with made-up words.

Is Eek an onomatopoeia?

One potential area of confusion: Words like “wow,” “eek,” or even “ugh” are not onomatopoeia. Instead, these words, outbursts that express emotion rather than a specific sound, are interjections or exclamations. While you’re brushing up on fun words, check out these palindrome examples and examples of hyperbole as well.

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