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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we create multiple constructor in Python?

Python doesn’t support multiple constructors, unlike other popular object-oriented programming languages such as Java. We can define multiple __init__ () methods but the last one will override the earlier definitions. class D: def __init__ (self, x): print(f'Constructor 1 with argument {x}') def __init__ (self, x, y):

How to invoke the Super constructor in Python?

the super constructor is invoked by syntax super (). method_name. It is used to call the parent class method from the child class itself. You may also learn: Underscore Methods in Python. « How to Count number of elements in array in C++. Scope of variables in C++ ».

How to initialize array in constructor?

Initialize an array in Constructor Using Member Initializer List The member initializer list is another useful tool in C++, which could help us in initialization of an array in the constructor. Member Initializer list is a list of data members with their initialized value that are in between a semicolon (:) and the main body of the constructor.

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