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Frequently Asked Questions

Is relief factor a scam?

The ONLY (very minor) relief I got from them was in the reduction of night-time leg cramps. NOTHING ELSE. I did not consider the roughly $120 I spent on Relief Factor as being a scam. I just considered it money well-spent in checking it off my list of possible pain relief medications. And I was hoping beyond hope that Relief Factor would do it.

How do I contact relief factor?

For more information on the prices, please contact the Relief Factor customer care department for assistance. They are available by email ([email protected]) or phone at 800-500-8384, Monday-Friday, 5am – 6pm PST. READ NEXT – Joint Fuel and Turmeric Curcumin Plus Q: Are Relief Factor’s ingredients grown with pesticides?

Does relif factor really work?

Does Relif Factor really work? In our opinion, the answer is no. Relief Factor is a poor joint supplement that cannot possibly deliver on its promises of reducing joint pain and promoting long-term joint health.

How bad are relief factor's ads?

Their ads are so bad, the father looks bloated and his son has a bobble head nodding like his head is on a spring. Yuk! Thanks for your feedback om Relief Factor, Don. I know they run a lot of ads, some of them are really weird. Thank you for your in depth review. I’m a long time sufferer of multiple joint pain causes.

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