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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the odds mean in betting on UFC?

Betting on negative (-) UFC odds means there’s a greater chance of that particular outcome happening. Yes, the payout will be less than what you wagered, but the odds are still in your favor. Betting on positive (+) UFC odds means there’s less chance of that particular outcome happening, but the payout will be higher than what you wagered.

What is the date and time for UFC fights?

Date TIME EVENT Aug 28 4:00 PM UFC Fight Night: Barboza vs. Chikadze Aug 31 5:00 PM Dana White's Contender Series: Season 5, ... Sep 4 10:00 AM UFC Fight Night: Brunson vs. Till Sep 7 5:00 PM Dana White's Contender Series: Season 5, ... 7 more rows ...

What does “underdog” and “favorite” mean in MMA?

Even if you’re no more than a casual fan, you’ve probably heard the terms “underdog” and “favorite” when it comes to a fight – these are, of course, betting references. The most common MMA bets are placed on the outcome of a match, otherwise known as the MMA moneyline or match bet.

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