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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Shoban Babu?

Shoban Babu Family Photos / Vijay Sethupathi For Karunanidhi Dulquer For Sobhan Babu Our Picks For Jaya Biopic The News Minute. Sobhan babu was an indian film actor known for his works exclusively in telugu cinema. The jayalalitha husband name is shoban babu and her daughter shobana is also a well known south indian personality.

What happened to shobanbabu?

Shobanbabu after completing yoga he freshned up and sat on his favourite "rocking chair" reading newspaper and waiting for breakfast. suddenly he suffered massive heart attack and fell down from his chair and injured his nose.

Did Shobhan Babu introduce anyone to the film industry?

Shobhan Babu did not introduce anyone to the film industry as his legacy. He did not encourage his children to get into movies. At that time, Shobhan Babu bought a few hundred acres of land around the city of Chennai. The film industry estimates that the lands still exist and their worth is hundreds of crores.

Who was Shoban Babu's best friend?

Shoban Babu and kV.chalam were best friends till kV chalam death.after that he shared a close friendship with Chandramohan until his last breath.he also helped his workers (driver, chefs etc) financially and settled them well.

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