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Frequently Asked Questions

What is skin anatomy?

human skin, in human anatomy, the covering, or integument, of the body’s surface that both provides protection and receives sensory stimuli from the external environment. The skin consists of three layers of tissue: the epidermis, an outermost layer that contains the primary protective structure,

What is the anatomy of skin?

What is the anatomy of the skin? The skin is the largest organ in the body that covers the entire external surface. It protects the internal organs from germs and thus helps prevent infections. The outer or top layer of the skin. The majority is composed of keratinocytes; the cells that take part in the skin renewal process.

What is the anatomy of the skin?

The skin is primarily made up of three layers. The upper layer is the epidermis, the layer below the epidermis is the dermis, and the third and deepest layer is the subcutaneous tissue. The epidermis, the outermost layer of skin, provides a waterproof barrier and contributes to skin tone.

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