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Frequently Asked Questions

Why 51talk is the best online English education platform?

With over 20,000 globally competitive e-educators, more than 250,000 students, and over 100,000 lessons per day, 51Talk truly is the world’s leading online English education platform. Make a difference to so many young learners through engaging online lessons that help prepare them for a brighter future.

What is 5151talk?

51Talk is the leading online English education platform from China that specializes in providing learners with live online English lessons. The platform enables students all over China to take fun, interactive English lessons from highly qualified teachers. Be Part of the Only NYSE-Listed Online English Education Company!

What is 51A 51talk?

A 51Talk program that accredits centers outside NCR that are in the business of providing facilities or co-working spaces for a fee and have the qualifications and competence to maintain the same. What are the Center Qualifications? Possess at least 2 wired broadband / fiber connectivity of at least 50 Mbps each from different providers

Who is the founder of 51talk?

Jack Huang started the 51Talk platform when he saw the need for proper teaching of conversational English in China. With the establishment of this platform, the Chinese are given access to quality online English lessons conducted by Filipinos.

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