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Frequently Asked Questions

Why parts town for T-23 parts?

Parts Town carries real OEM True t-23 parts designed to keep this exact unit safe, efficient and protected under the manufacturer warranty. Choose from genuine gaskets, compressors, thermostats and more that fit and function with this specific model.

How many T23 T23s were built?

The idea of an electrical transmission was not new at that stage, it had already been tested by Porsche in Germany for the Tiger prototype, with the advantage of giving a quicker response and more flexibility in torque when dealing uneven terrains. In total, six prototypes and 248 serial T23s were built.

What is the difference between a T22 and a T23?

The T23 was a derivative of the T22 with the same hull, same turret, same suspension and drivetrain. The main difference was that the T23 project tested modern and alternative transmissions which were the trademark of this experimental series.

Why was the T23 tank never used in WW2?

The T23 was eventually never adopted for service because of its untried transmission system but also because the design had poor weight distribution and excessive ground pressure. The T23 was only used on U.S. soil for the duration of the war for training purposes, just like the M2 Medium and M6 heavy tank.

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