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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose d 263 T Specialty Glass?

The specific properties and an extensive range of available standard thicknesses make D 263 T specialty glass ideal for many technical glass applications. Due to the very smooth fire-polished surfaces, D 263 T glass does not require an additional mechanical polishing treatment.

What is Section 263A of the tax code?

For example, see section 263A, which requires taxpayers to capitalize the direct and allocable indirect costs to property produced by the taxpayer and property acquired for resale. See also section 195 requiring taxpayers to capitalize certain costs as start-up expenditures.

What is d 263 t borosilicate glass?

SCHOTT produces D 263 T borosilicate thin glass by melting the purest raw materials. The specialty glass is very resistant to chemical attack and offers a high uniform optical transmittance in the visible range.

What is the micro-roughness of the glass surface of 263 t?

D 263 T exceeds the surface quality grade, smoothness, and even the flatness of most commercial polishing processes. The micro-roughness of the glass surfaces typically is less than 1 nm (RMS).

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