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Frequently Asked Questions

What medications are used to treat tinnitus?

Anti-anxiety medications like alprazolam or diazepam can improve tinnitus by lowering anxiety. These medications will usually need to be taken continuously for severe cases of tinnitus to provide the maximum degree of relief.

Are there any natural remedies for tinnitus?

Ginkgo is frequently recommended as a herbal supplement for tinnitus relief. It helps to increase blood circulation, support brain function and improve your thinking and memory. If your tinnitus is related to poor circulation to the inner ear, then Ginkgo biloba will help bring some relief.

What are the side effects of tinnitus medications?

Ototoxic medications can potentially cause tinnitus by damaging the sensory cells located within the inner ear. These cells are needed for balance and hearing. Symptoms of tinnitus may resolve once the medication is stopped, or the dosage is changed. However, in some instances, tinnitus caused by ototoxic drugs may be long lasting or permanent.

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