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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does hot air rise and sink?

As hot air cools it sinks back to the surface of the earth, where it gets warmed by the ocean only to rise again. This is called a convection current. Convection currents are defined as room air rising and cold air sinking by the Children’s Museum of Houston, on The main reason that hot air rises is because sinking cold air pushes it up.

Does warm air rise or sink in the tropics?

Sometimes, cool air rises and warm air sinks — and that helps the tropics cool off. You may have once learned that "warm air rises, and cool air sinks." But that doesn't always hold true.

What causes warm air to rise?

A body of warm air is forced to rise by an approaching cold front. Other things can cause warm air to rise, like a mountain slope. A strong updraft of warm moist air is formed and lifted by the approaching cold front. Speeds in an updraft can be as fast as 90 miles per hour! The air cools as it rises, condenses, and forms cumulus clouds.

What happens to your home during the winter?

During summers, you introduce cold air inside your home through air conditioning, but the outside air is still warm. In the case of air drafts, air exchange takes place between outdoor and indoor air, resulting in an uncomfortable atmosphere and high energy bills. Similarly, it becomes a challenge to retain heated air indoors during winter.

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