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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the petitioner doesnt show up for court?

The plaintiff can't refile the case without first asking the court to vacate or set aside (cancel) the dismissal with prejudice. A judge is most likely to dismiss a case with prejudice if the plaintiff doesn’t show up in court and doesn’t file a written request for postponement before the court date.

Who is the petitioner in a court case?

Who Is the Petitioner in a Divorce Case? The petitioner is the party responsible for starting the divorce process. They complete and file the Petition for Divorce—also known as the divorce application—with the court. The petitioner has to: Fill out the divorce forms and relevant paperwork; File all the required paperwork with the local court

What if a petitioner violates a personal protective order?

You shouldn't agree to behavior that violates your PPO, like letting the abuser in your home if your PPO prohibits it. The abuser can be arrested for behavior that violates your PPO, even if you agreed to it. If you want to change or end your PPO before it expires, you must go back to court and ask the judge to change or end it.

Who is the petitioner and respondent in motion?

The individual who requests the order (as well as the person who would be protected by the order) is referred to as the "petitioner." The person against whom the order is requested (and against whom it would be imposed) is referred to as the respondent.

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