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Why does cold air exerts more pressure than warm air?

Colder air is denser because the molecules of air are more closely packed together. As a result, pressure decreases more rapidly as you ascend through cold air than through warm air. … The higher the elevation, the lower the pressure.

Why does cold air stay close to the ground?

Why Does Cold Air Stay Close To The Ground?The absorbed energy makes the molecules in air move and expand, therefore decreasing the airs density. The opposite is true for cold air. It is more dense because the molecules are closer together and they are closer together because the bonds are absorbin

Why is cold air is drier than warm air?

Cold winter air is dry because it holds less moisture than warm air. Because wintertime humidity is so low, what little moisture that is around is quickly sucked up into the air. Another effective way to add moisture to the air is to place large bowls of water around the home. The water evaporates and adds moisture.

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