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Frequently Asked Questions

How to welcome new wikiHow users?

Go to the new pages list and edit new articles. Fix spelling mistakes on them, copyedit or format it, etc. Leave a message for the contributor that started the article, and if they're new, you can welcome them to wikiHow. Mention that they did a good job creating a helpful article, and give them praise.

How to be honest from wikiHow?

Method 1 of 4: Being Honest in General Ask people about their perspective. Before being honest about how you feel its important to know their perspective. Put yourself in their shoes. One of the simplest ways to avoid hurting feelings is to imagine how they will respond to your statements. Control your words and body language. ... Be polite in your responses. ... More items...

How to coach someone on wikiHow?

How to Coach Someone on wikiHow - Steps . Begin with a friendly greeting. Thank the editor for trying to help, such as: State an observation. Lead by example. Keep the discussion open. Close with another wave of appreciation..

How to view the history of a wikiHow article?

Steps Click on the History section of the article you have in mind. ... Examine the list of article versions. For each edit it will show which user or IP address made it, the time and date, and any edit summaries they left. Find the versions you would like to compare. ... Click to compare. ... Alternatively, use the shortcut links, if desired. ... More items...

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