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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Ziggo GO?

Ziggo GO feels at home everywhere. Download the app on your smartphone, tablet or smart TV*. Or watch on your laptop via In short: look what you want, where you want. Handy as a second, third or fourth screen at home. Also available on Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV for your 2nd TV in the house.

How does Ziggo GO work?

Side by side on the couch, on the train on the way to work or on a terrace in France: with Ziggo GO you can turn any screen into a TV. From your smartphone or tablet: your TV travels with you. You watch live TV wherever and whenever you want. Or later, with Ziggo Replay. And with many films and series from your Movies & Series (XL) package.

What is the Ziggo user menu?

The user menu is similar to the existing Ziggo GO platform, enabling the user fast and simple navigation of the content offered by Ziggo. The app supports the use of the voice-control option of the TV platforms and the search function in various apps of this platform.

How to use the digital TV app?

It’s pretty simple. The app can look for Digital TV Antennas situated around you. Then you have to place your antenna so that it is pointed in the direction of the station. Now you can catch TV channels! The application works in the USA, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Portugal, and Colombia.

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