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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legs Inn?

The Legs Inn is called a monument to nature, built on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. Polish cuisine is a specialty as well as American dishes.

Is legs Inn open for the 2021 season?

Restaurant seating is on a WALK-IN BASIS ONLY. Availability of some menu items may be limited. Season Ends October 24. LEGS INN is currently open for the 2021 season. Our season ends Sunday October 24. Dining reservations are NOT REQUIRED NOR ACCEPTED. Please see a host upon your arrival. No Takeout Menu at this time.

Was legs Inn featured on UTR?

Legs Inn was featured on UTR: Under The Radar Michigan (Episode 310) -- a fast paced, modern, weekly program that explores the best people, places and things that are unique to Michigan. Visit for more.

What are the check-in and check-out times at the legs Inn?

All guests must register and check in at the Legs Inn Dining Room. Unless other arrangements are made, CHECK-IN TIME is 3pm and CHECK-OUT TIME is 10am. The number of people in your party must be disclosed at the time reservations are made and reconfirmed upon check in (limited to 4 people per cottage.)

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