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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Nearpod code?

The Nearpod code is a code that teachers give to students to join a lesson using the Nearpod app. Before going into the details on how to obtain a Nearpod code, we will explore what is Nearpod and how it can be used in the classroom What is a Nearpod code? How long does the code last? Is Nearpod free to use? Is Nearpod free for students?

Is Nearpod free for students?

Nearpod is free to use in a classroom up to 40 students or less. Then teachers have the option to upgrade to a Gold or Platinum feature. The gold feature allows up to 50 students in a classroom and platinum up to 75 students. Is Nearpod free for students? There are a few ways to deliver lessons using this app. Here are some of them:

What is the Nearpod dashboard?

The dashboard is where you see student results as you teach, and where you control the pace of your lessons. Use Nearpod without student devices by presenting in student view and complete interactive lessons as a class

How do I join Nearpod?

Join Nearpod through a link or learning management system (LMS) If your students are joining from an LMS, like Canvas or Schoology, Google Classroom, or Teams, or if a link is shared in another way, students will simply click on the link and be brought into the lesson. Have a suggestion? Click here to tell us how to make Nearpod even better.

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