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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is nycers?

NYCERS warrants that it has taken precautions as are necessary to ensure that NYCERS server and electronic systems are secure from breach or intrusion by unauthorized third parties.

How do I register for nycers membership?

Registration instructions are provided on the website. New York City employees who are eligible for NYCERS membership and have not yet joined may submit a NYCERS Membership Application online. Registration is not required. All other forms can be downloaded HERE.

How do I upload a form to nycers?

Most downloaded forms, once fully completed, can be uploaded online through your secure MyNYCERS account. Log in and look for the link labeled “Upload a Form or Document.”

Why should I register to use mynycers?

By registering to use this online service, you are agreeing to allow NYCERS to make your pension account information available to you online. Additionally, you agree to allow NYCERS employees to co-browse with you by accessing the retirement account information available to you on MyNYCERS at the same time you do.

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